Hello World

Published May 4, 2024 • more postsrss

When I was younger, I never had the confidence to think of myself as an interesting guy, more or less a writer. But my high school and now collegiate friends have slowly made me more cognizant of the fact that, when it comes to my nerdy interests, I LOVE to talk, typically to an intolerable degree. “Yapping” as the youngers call it. A day of reckoning later, I asked myself: what if I start a blog?

I thought I would give a brief life update to honor my celebratory first blog post. I’ve just finished my first year as a Computer Science major at Purdue University! Over the past school year, I…

A picture of my coding setup

I coded, a lot. I showed off my hobby project NAND on Hacker News, and they really seamed to like it.

A picture of me playing video games

I got back into video gaming, specifically Super Smash Bros Ultimate with my friends and Brawl Stars.

A picture of my skateboard

I learned to skateboard and cut my commute time by two-thirds.

A picture of me with long hair

I grew out my hair, and I’m totally rocking the style!

And so much more!

At the time of writing, the path forwards remains mostly unclear. One thing is for certain — this is far from the last time you’ll hear from me >:)