My personal projects

I've always been a sucker for project-based learning. With each new programming endeavor, I try to build something more ambitious than the last one!

NAND June 2023 — April 2024

NAND is a Turing equivalent 16-bit computer made entirely from a clock and NAND gates emulated on the web. NAND features its own CPU, machine code language, assembly language, assembler, virtual machine language, virtual machine translator, programming language, compiler, IDE, and user interface. NAND is based on the Jack-VM-Hack platform specified in the Nand to Tetris course and its associated book.

GitHub repository (500+ stars, 30,000+ views)
Hacker News post (reached #1 on the front page)

TimeWeb Oct 2019 — June 2023

TimeWeb is a time management application that visualizes, quantifies, and prioritizes your daily school or work assignments. Unlike typical planners, TimeWeb splits up and graphs all of your work until they are due. Every day, know what to do, when to do it, and how long it will take.

TimeWeb was primarily a high school project; I even gave a couple school presentations on it. Although TimeWeb is easily the project I've put the most effort into, I lost faith in its idea and have yet to officially launch or promote it.

GitHub repository

GitMe Sep 2023

A weekend project I made for Purdue's Hello World 2023 hackathon with my collegiate (and now my best) friends. It uses ChatGPT to summarize GitHub profiles in a bullet-point format to help users write their resumes.

Placed 3rd out of 150 participants.

GitHub repository

Advent of Code 2023 Dec 2023 — March 2024

My solutions for all 25 days of Advent of Code 2023 to familiarize myself with Rust. I had wanted to completely finish a year of Advent of Code for a long time, so this was a huge personal accomplishment for me :)

website April 2024 — Present

We can't forget! My personal website itself has taken a nontrivial amount of time to write, design, and maintain. I'm quite proud of what I have so far!

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